Ganoderma Detoxification

The Ganoderma mushroom encourages cellular detoxification, by activating and energizing the cells to deal with the accumulating toxins either in the cell nucleus or membrane. The cells are induced to expel the toxins and, as the cells do this, sometimes, the process produces an appearance of the symptoms related to the person’s prevailing problem.

Sometimes, people with a heavy load of toxins may exhibit the latest symptom of their prevailing problem as the first sign of detoxification. As the toxins exit the body, they take one of the three exit routes: the SKIN, the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, or the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. When exiting through the skin, dermatitis may appear. When going out through the respiratory mucosa, cough or colds are usually common, and when they go out through the gastro-intestinal mucosa, diarrhea or constipation sometimes appears.

These new symptoms could cause the uninformed to become alarmed. It may even cause them to conclude that the mushroom extract is bad for them. This is, however, a natural part of healing and is a POSITIVE SIGN that a cleansing reaction as part of healing is occurring.

Maintaining a sensible diet and drinking plenty of clean water will greatly assist the detoxification and healing process. DO NOT DRINK TAP WATER UNLESS IT IS PURE – Chlorine and other chemicals in tap water, is a toxin and can damage your health. It is also simple common sense to ensure that we do not hamper the healing process by poor diet. For instance, not drinking at least 4 litres fresh clean water every day assists the onset of any sickness.

The right kinds of food are essential in healing, providing the nourishment that the body needs for tissue repair and balance of systems. Raw vegetables and fruits supply the body with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibres that we need to sustain life. Lack of the right foods and too much of the wrong foods (salt, sugar, preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers and nitrates) are the source of many of our maladies. Malnutrition and over-nutrition result in diseases that plague us today.

Ganoderma works on the body directly via the immune system, thus making it possible to help the body to treat a wide range of diseases.

When taking Ganoderma for the first time, some may experience a reaction within 3-10 days, and some can have a reaction 2-3 months later. The reaction may not be limited to one experience only. Nine out of ten people will get some sort of reaction. A light reaction may last up to 2-5 days, a severe one 7-30 days. Healing the body is your first step to a longer life.

A detoxification of the body is highly recommended for first time users: 1 pair of capsules per day for the 1st week, 2 pairs per day during 2nd week, 4 pairs per day for the 3rd week, and 6 pairs per day on your 4th week.

Normal maintenance is 1 pair a day or more. For severe health problems very large doses will not harm you, rather, it will greatly help the immune system repair the problem. It may be taken safely with any other medication, but users of blood-thinning agents should consult their doctor, taking Ganoderma aids with the thinning the blood and correcting the bloods ph balance.

The longer you stay on Ganoderma, the better the healing results will be. If the detox reaction is too much to handle at any time, just cut back the dose, BUT DON’T STOP the healing process, as the body is in the middle of cleaning itself out.

Remember, Ganoderma is helping your body to release its build up of toxins and this may give you short-term headaches, coughs, pains in joints and other unusual reactions. These are actually positive signs that your body is indeed going through the detox process.

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