Congratulations Organo Gold on your Article

Organo Gold Receives Special Recognition:

Direct Selling News, February 2012, highlighted Organo Gold, and OG’s Founder: Bernie Chua, CEO; Co-Founder Shane Morand, Global Master Distributor; Holton Buggs, VP of Sales.

Also, the article highlighted the Three Components of Success and OG’s unique relationship with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich used by OG for leadership training to any Independent Organo Gold Distributors aspiring towards a leadership role.

If you want to read your own PDF copy of the article from Organo Gold, as a Special Reprint, please go to,fill in the Opt-In form and see the 7-minute video.

You can also receive more information about the Organo Gold Company at

Finally, if you are interested in more information about how to earn your very own Mercedes Benz, check this out:

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