Congratulations Organo Gold!

MLM Companies Web Traffic Ranks 2 March 2012

The latest Web Traffic Rankings from are out.

MLM Web Traffic from Alexa, 2 March 2012

The Direct Selling Facts and Figures for March are out.  Organo Gold moved up to 11th Place overall in the top 100 Direct Sales companies world-wide, displacing Amway.

Congratulations Organo Gold for moving up one spot to 11th place!

Organo Gold moved from 12th place to 11th place overall.  ZeekRewards is still in First Place.  Organo Gold’s move was a 3-month growth of 41%.  Great job to all of my fellow Independent Organo Gold Distributorships across the Globe.

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Business For Home – MLM Internet Traffic Ranks – The Rising Stars

Organo Gold is holding on to 12th place in the Alexa Rankings as of today, Friday, January 13, 2012.

In a letter from Ted Nuyten, Business for Home, this month’s results are out:

Best visited Direct Selling websites in the world and the USA?
Rising stars in the industry?
The companies with a “Challenge”?

Check 100 Direct Selling companies out here according to Alexa:

Organo Gold maintained 12th place for the second month in a row with a three-month growth of 43%.

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