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What is Entrepreneurship?

I define Entrepreneurship as engaging in the activities of business creation, developing a new product or service, an Invention, being a strategic thinker who through their efforts creates vast wealth, economic growth, or exceptional philanthropic ventures.

 What is an Entrepreneur?

I am an Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Coffee consultant, persuasive communicator, mentor, and motivator who encourage my teams to excel.

I am your coach and mentor enabling you to achieve your financial goals and receive the wealth and health you were meant to have.

I love Coffee, and I’m spreading Health and Wealth one delicious cup of coffee, tea and hot chocolate at a time.

We are people with a dream, vision, or wish to create our own future by starting a company, a business venture, or become totally independent; as in being our own boss.  Actually, my wife and I are both Entrepreneurs, however, since legally, she owns our family business, I report to her.

An entrepreneur is a risk taker who has an idea or a dream and follows it through regardless of outcome.  Not all entrepreneurs start a business or company.  Many Social Entrepreneurs improve our society or the environment.  Many Knowledge Entrepreneurs start colleges or universities or other institutions of higher learning.  And Political Entrepreneurs create new political parties or groups to try to change government or bring about a change for the better good.

Famous Historical Entrepreneurs Include:

Benjamin Franklin -

Andrew Carnegie -

Modern Day Entrepreneurs include:

Richard Branson

Bill Gates -

Oprah Winfrey –

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