Ganoderma Lucidum herb is effective in treatment of acute or chronic hepatitis and other liver disease


Reported by Dr. Mitsui Hashimoto of Hashimoto Hospital

At present time, hepatitis is still a disease which cannot be effectively treated with any specific method. If Ganoderma Lucidum is effective, it would be a meaningful medicine for this liver disease.

Six capsules per day were prescribed to some patients with hepatitis. There months later, all the patients were recovering. Their GOT and GPT values decreased from 200 – 300 to 100.

In addition, one patient who used Ganoderma Lucidum together with some Chinese herbal medicines saw a decreased GOT and GPT.

There was one case of hepatitis combines with hypertension. After taking this herb, satisfactory results were obtained.

The above conditions cannot be conclusive, but positive results on hepatitis can be expected. When liver function is declining, the patient may get tired. Taking Ganoderma helps to ease fatigue.


The liver is the most important organ for health. Liver function is quite complicated. Therefore, liver disease is considered difficult to treat and dietetic treatment is the only method adopted by Western physicians.

However, Ganoderma Lucidum is able to make the complicated organ regain its normal functions. Based on our practical investigations, this herb can contribute a very positive effect.

Dr. Shigeru Yuji reported that 10% of liver disorders could be cured after taking Ganoderma herb for two months. 40% of the patients were relieved of their symptoms, and their liver size was reduced. 50% of the patients felt their symptoms diminish.

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