How to Convert Your Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers

Building Your Business Though Facebook:

I’ve seen many businesses that are new to Facebook make the mistake of trying to close the sale way too early or pitching their product or services aggressively to their fans on Facebook. These Pages often look like a screaming billboard full of advertisement, and I tend to just run away at first sight of these Pages. The wall posts tend to scream “buy me, buy me”, and to tell you the truth, that just scares me away and go elsewhere.

Facebook is about engagement with your audience, and providing them with value up front. Trust and credibility must be established with your prospect first before trying to close the sale with them.

During your Facebook campaign, make sure you pay close attention to your audience. Focus on posting value content, answer your audience’s questions, ask those questions, get involved, and find out everything you can in a meaningful way. Engage with them, listen to them, and learn about their needs and current pains. You can start to show them how your business can solve their problems or ease their pain.

Once you have developed a relationship with your Facebook fans and have established trust and credibility with them, then it’s time to move your fans forward through your sales funnel and convert them into paying customers. Here are 4 tips on how you can convert your Facebook Fans into paying customers.

1) Offer special promo codes to receive discount offers

Before putting an offer out on the table, make sure you prove how your product or service provides value to your audience. Communicate this value proposition on your wall post about your offer, and then direct them to a sales page for that product. Tell your audience to enter a Promo Code upon check out. Not only will your audience receive the special offer, but you can also track how many leads you are getting from Facebook, and you can measure the results of your Facebook campaign.

2) Invite your customers to a webinar

Host a webinar where you address a specific problem or pain of your target market, and offer solutions to them. Once you have delivered valuable content through your webinar, it’s time to make an offer for your product or service. Make sure your call to action is crystal clear, and is easy for them to make a purchase. Perhaps you can offer a discounted rate if they buy your product or service before a specified deadline.

3) Limited time offers

Having a limited time offer creates a sense of urgency among your audience. For example, you can promote a special discount offer of 25% if you purchase this item by the end of Friday this week. If you have consistently shown how your product or service provides value by solving your audience’s problems, they may feel more inclined to buy when there’s a special offer out on the table, and they can only get the offer during a limited time frame.

4) Capture their e-mail addresses

If you already have an email marketing funnel in place, you can add an opt-in form on your Page and start collecting their e-mail addresses. The best place to put this opt-in form is on your custom landing tab. If your Page does not have a landing tab that first time viewers can see when they first view your Page, I suggest creating one. Your custom landing tab should have a call to action where it tells the viewers to click like, and enter their e-mail address to receive a special offer. Once you get them into your e-mail marketing funnel, and then let that funnel work on providing value to that fan and convert them into a paying customer at the proper time.

What other techniques have you used to convert your audience into customers? What other suggestions do you have? Please leave your comment below to help out our readers.